Meet the team

We're a friendly team where innovation, industry wisdom and a passion for customer experience come together

An experienced leadership team with technology at our core

Cornerstone has been providing services to its clients since 2010. Our founding partners had worked in the industry for many years and knew there was a better way to handle transactions.

With an expanded leadership team, we recently became a publicly listed fintech business. Today, we’re growing fast, with a focus on enabling small and medium sized businesses to manage payments and currencies seamlessly.

Terry Everson

Head of Business Development

Terry has worked in the City for over 45 years. In his early career he was Operations Manager and Finance Officer of several large city commodity brokers including AC Israel Woodhouse and Credit Lyonnais Rouse.

He was later Managing Director of Swiss Financial Services, which had trading teams on the floors of London Fox and the IPE. Terry has been a CF1 and CF30 at Gate Capital Group since 2013 and CF10 and CF11 since 2015.